Classic Foods - Frozen FOODS

Classic foods its founding in 2017 has grown steadily and tremendously. The company is involved in frozen foods items. We distribute various brands of frozen food products like frozen vegetables, fishes, sausages, chicken sausage, french fries, Green peas ,Frozen Chicken items like wings, breast, drumstick etc , frozen buffalo curry cut and tender loin , frozen mutton curry cut etc .We also extend our services to the hotel industry, catering industry and cold storages in Kerala.

Our products -FROZEN fOODS

Timely Delivery

We satisfy our customers with quick delivery of products without compromising on its quality.

Quality Products

We highlight on selling of best quality food products at the most competitive prices available.

Customer Satisfaction

Our business is based on repeated customers and their satisfaction in quality.

Our Brands

We distribute various brands of frozen food products.